Our Mission

Food Appeal is a Toronto-based catering company that successfully provides meal solutions to the city’s most creative minds. We believe that all you need to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home are the right ingredients and the skills to use them.


Local ingredients. Real chefs. 

You start with the highest quality, freshest ingredients from local suppliers and farms. Using techniques from our test kitchen, our chefs will craft recipes to guide you, and teach you how to make the most of those ingredients, and use them to their greatest potential. You won't just be making dinner...you'll be learning the how and the why of cooking - how do you treat every ingredient, and why do it that way? Whether it be a long-standing tradition or a scientific method...there is a reason for everything in the kitchen and we're going to show you.


Inspired by real people cooking real food.

"I remember being a kid in my Grandma's kitchen. I remember the smells of good food...real food. I remember yearning for a bite. Eating the meals she prepared with love felt very personal. It felt intimate. I remember my grandmother teaching me how to cook with vegetables right from her garden. Such simple food...with so much love. It was inspirational. At that moment, I fell in love with food. Our goal in the Food Appeal kitchen is to bring that feeling into your home. It isn’t just a box of food. It’s a lesson, an opportunity to learn and grow as a chef and to create amazing memories of food. We take those old world traditions and combine it with modern food science and testing to craft delicious, unique recipes every single week."

- Peter Adamo, founder and head chef


Better ingredients. Better chefs. It's that simple.


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